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please tell me that you're just feeling tired

My interview is in twelve hours.. heh, I'm nervous. I went shopping and bought the PERFECT outfit. I really need this job. I have absolutely no money whatsoever. My current job doesn't pay the bills and I hate it more than anything I've ever hated before. Except for when Matt's working, he somehow makes that place okay. But whatever, I'll get over him.

I can't wait until Sunday. That's when I go up to Phoenix for MEPS... I think it stands for Military Entrance Processing Station or something, I dunno. Basically, the air force gets me a bus ticket up to Phoenix and puts me in a hotel. I take a physical and lift weights and piss in a cup. And I also find out my job and swear in. So as of Monday afternoon, I will officially be in the air force. That excites me. I can't wait.

I just wish I could leave for basic training like next week or something, lol. I don't wanna wait until April. But I had to be a fuckup high school dropout and get my GED, so now I have to have 15 college credits before I join. Whatever, I'll have my credits in December.

Wow.. I can't wait until I find out what my job is. I wanna be an in-flight refueler, but I have to be able to lift 70 lbs. I'll try my hardest. To be an air traffic controller, I only have to lift 40. I can do that.

I'm gonna stop thinking about it and try to get some sleep.
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Good luck chica, hope you get it :)